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Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe is an Australian island which belongs to the state of New South Wales. The island has an area of 14.6 km2 and its highest point is 866 metres high (Mount Gower). The group of islands to which it belongs was placed on the World Heritage List in 1982 because of its unique collection of plants, birds and sea life (coral) and its exceptional beauty.

The island is part of only one of four island groups to have been designated as a world heritage site.

Lord Howe can be reached by a two hour plane flight from Sydney or Brisbane.


In 2013, Henk van Staalduinen BV Sales Office took over the local nursery. Plans are underway to transform this into a vegetable and fruit nursery, which should be completed in 2015. The cultivated fruit and vegetables will be sold locally.

In addition, we will also continue to germinate Kentia seeds (Howea forsteriana) for export to the Netherlands.